Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Couple More Great Reviews For OLDEN and ANIMOSITY

Lots of great feedback lately on my two most recent works out there . . . .


And one of my favorite blogs, THE CROW'S CAW, loved Animosity:

Monday, January 9, 2012


Another great review for my latest novel, Animosity, popped up online today.  This one comes courtesy of the mighty Hellnotes.
Check it out!

Get your copy here, if you haven't already.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Great news!

Watch for a brand new trade-paperback edition of my coming-of-age thriller Midnight Rain, due mid-2012 from Evil Jester Press.  I'm really impressed with this new publisher, love what they're doing, and I think you will be too.  They've published several of my peers whose work I love, including Mark Allan Gunnells and genre legend Rick Hautala.  So I'm in fantastic company, to say the very least.

Speaking of Mr. Hautala, he has graciously agreed to write a Foreword for this new edition of 'Rain (how cool is that?).

I couldn't be more excited to see my first novel -- which has been a fan fave since its initial release in 2004 via Leisure Books -- finally get a second life.

Of course, if you're a fan of e-books, you can still get the digital edition any time you please.

More details to come very soon, folks.  Along with a . . . ahem . . . wicked announcement about another one of my back titles.

Watch this space!