Sunday, June 8, 2014

150 Words About . . . "BLUE RUIN"

     Blue Ruin is a revenge flick from the director of 2007’s Murder Party, but calling it that doesn’t do it justice.  Such movies typically follow a standard formula, and although that formula usually works for me – I’m a huge fan of revenge flicks, even wrote a book with that title -- Blue Ruin adds so much more to the genre.  In fact, the main character gets his revenge very early in the film . . . it’s the repercussions that are the focus here.  Blue Ruin asks what might really happen in such a scenario – what if you wanted revenge, but you barely knew how to fire a gun?  What if your vengeance only brought more violence upon your family?  Leading man Macon Blair is nothing short of phenomenal, and in a perfect world he would win an Oscar for his performance.  See this one today.  You’ll thank me tomorrow.