"A must-read for all fans of our beloved genre . . . you're going to have a lot of fun with this book of horror trivia filled with slashers, ghosts, vampires, werewolves, demons, cannibals, and, of course, the walking dead.  It's worth crawling out of your grave for!"
(actor:  AMC's The Walking Dead; screenwriter:  Chop and Pawn Shop Chronicles)

"666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions will derail your life.  You'll become so immersed in reaching the end and tallying your score that you'll forget to pay your bills, go to work, or feed the cats, and your spouse will leave you and never return.  This is the perfect book to give to someone who believes he knows everything there is to know about horror flicks, if you wish to chop that know-it-all off at the knees and humble him into a puddle of insecure slime!"
(director of Slime City and Slime City Massacre)

"It doesn't have to be Halloween to break out Newman's book.  Just toss out your normal Trivial Pursuit questions and grab some like-minded friends.  There's a nice range to the questions, so you'll get a few even if you don't worship at horror's dark altar.  Now get in there and show 'em what you've got!"
(Video Night; The Summer Job; Tribesmen)

"(666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions) is full of so much horror movie influence your momma will call for an exorcist to come save your corrupted soul!"
(Scream! Factory; Horrorhound magazine)

"(666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions is) a chump-stumping shock-cinema party book of the highest horror order!"

(Editor:  Fangoria magazine)

"There's a reason why James Newman's horror fiction is so effective.  Well, other than his command of prose, and his keen understanding of human nature.  James is passionate and extraordinarily knowledgeable about the genre.  He brings all of his experience and love of horror movies to 666 Hair-Raising Horror Movie Trivia Questions.  I don't care how much you think you know about the field.  James will stump you . . . as long as you resist the urge to Google the answers.  Every horror fan should buy this book!"

(owner/operator:  The Horror Drive-In; columnist:  Cemetery Dance magazine)

"(James Newman's work) reminds me of David Silva, but with a meaner edge."

(Night of Broken Souls; Fearful Symmetries; Submerged)

"Ugly As Sin is a terrific page-turner, a body slam of a book that features tough-guy noir, freakish horrors, and human redemption.  James Newman skillfully spins a a spiral of suspense that pulls you in and won't let go."
(Killer's Diary; Rough Cut; How I Started the Apocalypse)

"James Newman is one of my favorite authors.  His novels are always engrossing and entertaining.  I can't recommend his works highly enough."

(Miranda; The Memory Tree; Ursa Major)

"James Newman’s Animosity courses a chilling descent into madness that’s downright Hitchcockian in the way the suspense slowly strangles the reader, its grip tightening to nearly unbearable levels.  And yet Newman brings as much humanity to this startling tale as he does horror.  The result is a well-crafted, disturbing, and often heartbreaking foray into the dark netherworlds of the human experience that burrows under your skin, nests there, and continues to feed on you long after you’ve turned out the lights."
(The Bleeding Season; Saying Uncle; Children of Chaos)

"Combining the simplistic yet adept style of Jack Ketchum, the tongue-in-cheek wit of Richard Laymon, and a smoothly natural delivery, James Newman delivers one of the most energizing reads of the year in Animosity.  Newman's newest skillfully blends the finer elements of suspense, horror, and mystery . . . you won't be able to put it down!"
(Dead Souls; The Demonologist)

"This is how good fiction -- horror, suspense, or otherwise -- should be.  Mind-searing, gut-twisting, no brakes applied.  Animosity leaves no doubt that Newman is truly a literary force to be reckoned with!"
(Fear; Hell Hollow; Undertaker's Moon)

"Animosity is a cautionary tale that echoes the work of Bentley Little and George Orwell, and has all the elements great horror fiction should have -- unstoppable suspense and plot twists that will keep you turning the pages.  A spectacular novel that aims for the jugular! I loved it!"
(Survivor; Clickers; The Beloved)

"James Newman is a damned fine writer.  It’s just that simple.  He has the easygoing style of a storyteller and the sort of prose that catches your attention and keeps it.  His natural sense of pace is as good as it gets."
(Blood Red; Deeper; Serenity Falls)

"Animosity is the real deal -- a great story filled with tension and genuine horror.  No ghosts and ghoulies here.  This is the kind of horror you find only in the deepest, darkest parts of the human soul.  James Newman takes a great idea and carries it to its final horrifying conclusion.  This book will entertain you even as it shows the worst in human nature and our struggle to rise above it."
(The Wildman; Occasional Demons)

"You might expect the work of a young Southern writer to show some roots, and you'll see that clearly in James Newman's writing.  There's a little bit of Davis Grubb and Joe Lansdale twisting into that dark earth, and a strong straight spike of Robert McCammon digging deep.  But the story tree that grows above ground belongs to a tale-spinner who can raise one mean hunk of nightmare all on his own."
(The Man With the Barbed Wire Fists; Dark Harvest)

Ugly As Sin has about as vicious a premise as I’ve ever come across.  It’s not what it first appears to be.  It’s worse.  Wrapped inside its mystery and ticking-clock hunt is the most jaundiced indictment possible of the corrupted soul of celebrity culture . . . its feeders and especially its fed.”
(Picking the Bones; Whom the Gods Would Destroy)

Ugly As Sin is James Newman’s best book yet!  I loved every brutal, violent, pulpy page, and I recommend the hell out of it!”

(Dead Clown Barbecue; Faint of Heart; Gleefully Macabre Tales)

"(Midnight Rain is) a smashing dark debut that kept me turning pages right through to THE END."
(Black River FallsMoonchasers and Other Stories)

"Midnight Rain is a harrowing, utterly terrifying ride though a time not long past, a dark Southern town, and the waking nightmare faced by one young man when he discovers a dreadful truth.  The narrative is up close and personal, sharp and edgy.  It is a story that grabbed me from the outset, buried its teeth in deep, and would not let go.  Midnight Rain is easily one of the best books I’ve read in the last few years."
(SineaterWire Mesh Mothers)

"(Midnight Rain is) a beautifully-written adult story of murder and a boy.  Grimly true to life, evocative and compelling.  I loved it!"
(On a Pale HorseFirefly)

"The Wicked is a good old-fashioned, unabashed HORROR novel.  James Newman remembers when horror used to be fun, and he's recaptured it here in all of its gory glory.  A terrifying page-turner in the tradition of Graham Masterton, J. N. Williamson, and Richard Laymon.  WICKEDly good reading from one of horror's new heirs!"
(The RisingGhoulCity of the Dead)

"Most dark fiction comes across like empty chocolates -- you take a bite in eager anticipation and then find out there's no filling.  But James Newman is a literary confectioner of near-legendary generosity -- just sink your teeth into his claustrophobic, edge-of-the-seat saga of ecumenical excess Holy Rollers and savor what squeezes out.  But watch your clothes . . . that stuff can burn!"
(The Longest Single NoteEscardy Gap)

"J. Newman's horror is very forthright.  It is a lucid madness.  It cuts cleanly, and does so, always, straight to the bone and the brain."
(This Symbiotic Fascination; Up, Out of Cities That Blow Hot and Cold)

"James Newman is a new writer of promise who delivers the goods."
(Wetwork; screenwriter:  Jack Ketchum's "The Girl Next Door")

"James Newman can find evil in anyone: the guy in line behind you at the supermarket, the next door neighbors, even your dear old grandma.  That's what makes his work so damn terrifying."
(Deadliest of the SpeciesThe Pack)

"James Newman writes about the battle between good and evil like no one else in the horror genre.  When he writes about the power of good, he's great, and when he writes about evil, he's on fire."
(MartyrsScream Queen; Death Drives a Semi)