Monday, September 26, 2011

New Novella Available For Pre-Order

Trapped. In a room that smells of death and sickness. Your food is running low, along with your resolve. You know you must leave here soon if you wish to live through the night.

Outside, the Others wait. Their numbers are legion. Their shrieks echo up and down the corridor. Occasionally they pound at the door, trying to get inside so they can tear you limb from limb.

But mostly they wait. So patiently. As if sharing one mind. A single dark purpose.

They can be killed. You've seen it for yourself.

But this isn't like the movies. Nothing you've ever seen in any old horror film could have prepared you for what is happening here.

You love them. Once upon a time, they loved you.

Now they want to watch you die.

Delirium Books will be releasing my novella OLDEN in November.  OLDEN is my take on the zombie craze . . . then again, not really.  'Cause in OLDEN there ain't a single zombie in sight!

I think this one may just see expansion into a big, fat, epic apocalyptic novel one day.  We'll see.  Until then, I hope folks check out the novella and lemme know what you think . . . but hurry, as the titles featured in Delirium's novella line are limited to only 150 copies each . . . .


BTW:  How about that cover (by the uber-talented Daniele Serra)?  Definitely one of my faves to date, and hands down the creepiest to ever grace one of my stories, as far as I'm concerned . . . .

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