Saturday, July 13, 2013

UGLY AS SIN: Very First Review Is Now Online

The very first review of my new novel Ugly As Sin just popped up online.  The reviewer had a few problems with the climax, and while such criticism always stings a bit I do think the reviewer's complaints were fair.  For the most part, it's a positive review, and it left me smiling.

Check it out when you have a free minute or two:


  1. James , here is my own personal take on 'Ugly as Sin" (thunderstorm
    black voltage HC. after reading what i consider a top notch read
    (ie: 90 +, out of 100), in one 24 hour span. my day -off w/ short breaks to eat, and a few other household chores, i couldn't put the book down for very long.when i read it's maybe a beginning of some white trash noir pulp fction books,(ie perhaps, similar to my all time favorite series by Champion Joe lansdale), i was ecstatic, i am eagerly awaiting any new reading material you put out. after reading "ugly as Sin',
    i immediately, went online the next morning, and ordered the limited and the deluxe edition,of 'Revenge Flick 'from Sideshow Press.
    what a cool read and hilarious.(the man with no balls!!!)(excellent stuff)(another 90+ out of 100), i also ordered and now have 'The Wicked', and ' Animosity' from Necessary Evil, have not had a chance to read them yet, but soon. thanks for sharing your storytelling talent with a lucky reader of your works such as myself.
    how somone could get dissapointed with the ending of 'Ugly as Sin'
    makes me wonder if they woul dbe happy with any ending. when i read reviews where someone is complaining, that they expected more. iget the feeling that no matter what they would have read that idea was already preconceived in their mind . Some people out there are just never happy without complaining also.i always form my own opinions, regardless of other reviewers, some people let their so called "bad day" or "bad week" hlp them dictate their thouhgts. these people will never be any happier than 70% all of the time. i 'm glad i am not or ever will become one of these habitual complainers.'Ugly as Sin" was a top notch read and well worth the asking price from Thunderstorm. i hope paul puts out more of your future titles in the works.(that definitely would work for me )

  2. Thank you so much for the kind words, Stephen! They are greatly appreciated, man. I'm glad you enjoyed the book, and I definitely plan on writing more stories featuring Nick Bullman. I love this character. :)

    Do you mind if I ask where you first heard about my work?