Friday, March 13, 2015

150 Words About . . . "HONEYMOON"

Honeymoon holds few surprises if you know what it's about going in. But that's OK, because it does what it does extremely well. When our newly-married protagonists arrive at a remote cabin for their titular getaway, everything's sickeningly-sweet pet names and makin' love . . . until one night when the groom finds his bride in the woods wearing nothing but a dazed look on her face. Her nightgown turns up soon after, and it's covered in what looks like the slimy evidence of an illicit romp. In the days following her midnight stroll, the young lady starts acting more and more bizarre, and before long it seems she might no longer be the person her husband married. Something got inside of her out there in the woods. Now it wants out. Hubby's screwed. Honeymoon disturbed me to such an extent I'm calling it my favorite horror film of 2014.

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