Sunday, September 20, 2015

Free Flash Piece: "Walkers"

A free story.  Granted, it's only 100 words, but hey -- what's better than something FREE?

     You know those “mall walkers” who spend their golden years doing stiff-legged laps past the Old Navy and the Cinnabon like they’re on some sort of mission?
     “They creep me out,” a friend once joked.  “Something in their eyes, if you cut them off.”
     My pal and his imagination, I thought at the time.
     But then I looked closer . . . . 
     I recognized in the faces of that silver-haired assemblage the men, women, and children gone missing in my city.
     Lollygaggers.  Window-shoppers.  Those who got in the way.
     They’re doomed to walk now, too. 

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